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Original and compelling eCommerce content that boosts traffic and increases sales

Have you ever visited an eCommerce website with apawling content? You know, the kind of content that you’d rather fur-get! But you’ve also seen eCommerce sites that have pawsitively excellent product descriptions … the kind of product descriptions with cattitude that makes you want to buy. And make you want to buy now!

Today’s online shopping world is a competitive place. Not only do you need your brand to be found online, but you then need to persuade people you’ve never met to buy your purrfect products.

This is where SEO eCommerce copywriting comes in. Why concern yourself with persuasive copy and search engine optimisation (SEO)? You’re better off concentrating on what you’re purrfect and leave your pawsome sales copy to an expert.

I’m a graduate of The Recipe for SEO Success and a member of The Clever Copywriting Community. Thanks to Zoom and email, I can help clients across Australia and all around the globe.

I recently engaged Rachel from Crazy Cat Copy to review content for my new website. I chose Rachel because she is extremely passionate about her work and no questions is silly to ask her. I found working with Rachel to be pleasant, prompt and reliable. Rachel is an amazing copywriter and I have had a lot of positive feedback about the copy she has written for me and the email marketing she has helped me set up.

Will definitely be back again and again – even if she gets sick of meΒ πŸ˜‰

Kylie King

The Phoenix Within

Your Purrfect eCommerce copywriting services

Here’s some of what I offer

Product descriptions

Engaging and benefit-focussed product descriptions optimised for the Google gods

Delivery, returns and FAQ copy

Relevant comprehensive information to prevent customer confussion whilst promoting your pawsome brand

eCommerce marketing copy

From email newsletters and email conversion series to SEO-optimised website and blog copy and sales landing pages.

eCommerce Copywriting services for your website

Get persuasive copy that’s a cat above the rest. Here’s some of my eCommerce copywriting packages.

eCommerce email marketing copy

Get persuasive copy that’s a purrfectly arrives in your customer’s inbox.

Do you have different copywriting requirements?

Get in touch for a purrfect proposal that’s right for you.

Do you need a WordPress website designed in addition to website copy? You’ll get a discount on the copywriting package when you work with me for both your WordPress website and website copy.

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