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Hi, I’m Rachel Amies – your WordPress website designer and SEO copywriter

WordPress Developer and designer Australia and New Zealand

Rachel Amies – My story

My employment background has predominantly been in law. In fact, I’m entitled to practice law in both Australia and New Zealand. I’ve practised law in various parts of New Zealand and around Sydney which kept my brain very active. This experience means I place high value on client confidentiality.

Before switching to law, I auditioned and got accepted into a Bachelor of Music program majoring in performance. My love for music started at a young age and is something I’m still passionate about.

I also developed an interest in computers and technology when I was about 12-years-old, when I managed to persuade my parents to buy me a computer for my 12th birthday – that’s a 1980s computer! This interest in computers was maintained throughout high school and into my university career. It resulted in me being able to learn new software and online platforms quickly.

My legal experience and interest in technology has provided me with the ideal skillset that’s well utilised as a business owner. These skills and knowledge serve my clients (and myself!) extremely well.

Since I’ve started my business, I’ve loved learning new systems and learning about automation. I will never stop learning and have loved being able to use the skills I’ve learnt to benefit my clients.

I chose Rachel because she’s extremely passionate about her work and no question is silly to ask her. I found working with Rachel to be pleasant, prompt and reliable. She’s an amazing copywriter and I have had a lot of positive feedback about the copy she’s written for me. I’ll definitely be back again and again – even if Rachel gets sick of me

What drives me?

Both my personal and professional life have exposed me to torment and abuse from various sources. At 18, I supported myself through university, fuelled by a desire to help the underdog. My passion for helping people has underpinned my whole working career.

We spend the majority of adult life working, which is stressful enough. And this is before we take into account other stressors that life throws our way. No-one needs any additional stress, right?

Hence Crazy Cat VA (now Crazy Cat Copy) was born. I may not change the world as a business owner, but I certainly have a pawsitive impact on my client’s worlds and help alleviate some of their stress. Besides, my three feline gods love me running a business from my home office!

Qualifications and Awards

I am forever grateful for my education, professional affiliations and recognition through business awards.


  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts (Criminology)
  • Master of Bioethics
  • Graduate of the Recipe for SEO Success course

Professional affiliations


What can I do for your business?

SEO website copywriting

Blog writing

WordPress web design

WordPress training

WordPress health check

Website maintenance

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