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For service-based business owners

Does writing website copy drive you crazy?

Do you struggle with your WordPress website design, redesign or upkeep?

Does optimising your business blog for SEO give you a bad CAT-itude?

Let me handle all that crazy for you, so you can get back to what you do best in your business. Virtually responsive to your needs … I’m the Crazy Cat Copy lady!

I’m Rachel Amies and I’m one of the country’s leading authorities in digital communication. Primarily, I help small service-based businesses owners to:

  • Attract prospects through WordPress websites and website copy
  • Nurture prospects through email marketing

Why outsource your WordPress and copywriting needs to an Australian-based business?

This is a question I get asked a fair bit at local networking events.

Here are just a few reasons:

Data security & confidentiality

Working with a local business makes it easier to ensure proper security of confidential information. A business you outsource tasks to may have access to a variety of your confidential information – for example, login details to a variety of software or online platforms or confidential information you hold on behalf of your clients. Outsourcing locally makes it easier to enforce confidentiality. It’s also easier to build and maintain trust with a local business.

Confidence in project management skills

Forget micro-managing! Outsourcing tasks to certain places overseas may be cheap, but it often requires you to be extremely specific in your instructions to them. It also means you’ll spend a lot of time ensuring that they’ve completed their allocated tasks properly. That’s such hard work! No need for that from me. Like many Australian-based business owners, I love to take initiative and think outside the box, where required.

Less risk and better ongoing support

This can be a major issue when outsourcing overseas. There’s no way of ensuring they will continue communicating with you once you’ve paid them. This is less likely to occur with an Australian-based business. If you’re an Australian-based business outsourcing to another Australian-based business, you’re protected by Australian consumer laws – something you don’t get with offshoring.

I speak your language

Australians love telling me I have an accent – after all, I’m a kiwi who lived in the UK for over a decade as a child. Despite that, English is my first language. Whilst this is true of some foreign virtual assistants, for others it’s not. Nothing will be lost in translation between you, your team and myself!

Quality control

Have you heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? I’m a business owner, just like you. I charge my fair rate, just like you (again!) You need to get the best value from who you outsource work to, which is what you’ll get if you outsource to an Australian-based business. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!

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