Digital communication services for service-based business owners, solicitors & barristers

What exactly is digital communication? Do you really need it?

People these days are consumed by technology. We cannot seem to live without it! And this makes digital communication an extremely powerful tool for any business. Why? It allows us to communicate easily with our clients and leads. Digital communications allow us to build trust with our audience as well as educate and engage with them. So, yes, digital communication is an important part of running a business.

A few ways you can make great use of digital communications to keep in touch with your clients and leads include:

  • Attract prospects through WordPress websites:  This allows them to learn more about you and get in touch with you
  • Nurture prospects through email marketing which can be automated to make your life easier
  • Engage and educate your audience through business blogging:  Your WordPress blog can easily be linked to your email marketing platform and automatically emailed to your subscribers!

What I can help you with …

WordPress web design & redesign

I love combining my geeky streak and my creative streak by designing or redesigning WordPress websites.

My website proposals are always tailor-made to each client so that you end up with a website that you love to show off.

  • WordPress website creation, tailor-designed for your business needs
  • You provide the content and I suggest edits to the wording
  • Stock image sourcing, where required
  • SEO keyword research and meta descriptions written to optimise your website
  • Preview your website before it goes ‘live‘, so that you can ask for changes
  • WordPress basics tutorial so you can maintain your own website or I can help maintain your website

One of the many reasons I prefer using WordPress for creating websites is because Google loves them. This is awesome if you’d like to rank in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Business blog assistance

You may love blog writing but don’t love (or have time for) all the tasks that need to be done after you’ve written your blog. This is where I come in. I take your draft blog and get it up on your site, so it’s ready for the world to see! Add new blog posts to your website is great for improving your SEO.

Custom packages can include:

  • Proofread, edit, setup and format blog posts into your WordPress website
  • Sourcing stock images and setting the featured image of your choosing
  • Creating and adding meta description, keywords, tags and categories
  • SEO keyword and key phrase research
  • Provide you with proofread and edited blog, meta description, SEO keywords and key phrases and sourced stock image(s) for your final approval
  • Blog topic research appropriate for your industry
  • Publish your blog
  • Connecting your WordPress website to email marketing platform so that new blog posts can be automatically sent to your subscribers
  • Review and report to you on unsubscribes and bounced backed emails after blog has been emailed
  • Distribute blog to social media platforms and repurpose blog content

Do you have great ideas for your blog posts and have done some research on them but don’t have time to write them? I can help there also!

Blog add-ons include social media business profile setup and setting up social media scheduler account, if required.


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