SEO-optimised WordPress websites and copywriting for small business owners

Why is having an SEO-optimised website and copy so important?

Today’s world is technology-driven. People can’t seem to live without it! Yes, social media platforms are a powerful tool for businesses. But when will they shut down or drastically change? We don’t know. This makes SEO-optimised websites with purrfect copy an important part of your online presence.

A few reasons why your business needs a WordPress website with pawsome copy include:

  • Optimise your WordPress site for SEO: This allows you to get more search engine purrs. And that’s what you need to help people find your products or services.
  • SEO-optimised website and blog copy: Having your website setup so that it’s SEO-optimised is only part of the puzzle. You also need SEO-optimised content that’s purrfect for humans to read. And pawsomely found by the search engine gods.
  • Copywriting that has been proofread and edited by a professional: Have you read something online that makes you cry like a cat does when a human takes them to the vet? You may feel pawsome about your copy but it pays to have it proofread and edited by someone independent. This will provide peace of mind your target market won’t cringe at your copy!

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