WordPress training

Pawsome training that makes you purr

Are you tired of asking a web developer to do basic WordPress tasks? Do you have a purrfect new WordPress site and no idea on how to use it? Or purrhaps you just want a basic understanding of WordPress?

Let’s face it, we can spend all of our business income on outsourcing tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I think outsourcing is great. It gives you more time for what you’re pawsome at in your business. But some web developers won’t help with unless there’s a minimum of one hours’ work.

That’s where my WordPress training comes in. Learn WordPress without leaving your living room!

What you’ll get

Everyone’s tech-savviness and understanding of WordPress is different. This is why I tailor my WOrdPress training to suit your needs.

Training can include:

  • Installing WordPress on your hosting platform
  • Finding and changing the default WordPress settings
  • Adding a WordPress theme
  • Using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes
  • Customising your theme colours
  • Customising your navigation menu and footer
  • Adding and configuring WordPress plugins
  • Adding posts and pages
  • Resizing, renaming and adding images to your site
  • Managing WordPress security and automating backups
  • Setting up basic SEO
  • Setting up Google Analytics

Rachel’s span of knowledge is incredible. She delivered CRM training for our team (without making me feel silly for asking the obvious!), graciously sharing information and taking the time to explain things thoroughly. Because of her extensive skillset she’s my first choice when we’re under the pump and I need templates, automations, technical help or copy assistance. She’s willing to go the extra mile and, most importantly, is a deliciously lovely person.

Melinda Leyshon

You. Me. Brand. Now.

My purrfect training package

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