Word processing is an important part of business. It’s played an important part of business since the invention of the typewriter in the 1800s.
Technology has made many inroads since the the invention of the typewriter. Hence you’re able to read this blog! Today’s word processors have more capabilities than the old-fashioned typewriter.
In this blog, I aim to outline the benefits of word processing (some of which I’m sure you’re already aware of!) I’d also like to discuss why outsourcing your word processing to a virtual assistant is a great idea!


So, let’s look at the benefits of word processing

Most businesses (if not all) have documents they use as part of their day-to-day operations. Such documents are customisable to suit particular scenarios. They are created using word processing software.
A template or precedent is a document created as a starting point for future documents. Templates and precedents can be customised. Having templates and precedents means that future documents don’t need typing every time.
Documents are saved using memorable names. Additionally, one can save documents in a specific file location for you to access at a later stage. Word processors now have a password protection feature. This prevents unauthorised people access to the password protected document. It also stops unauthorised amendments.
Word processors are environmentally friendly. This is because it reduces the amount of paperwork required to perform daily tasks. Modern technology allows sending of documents to by email. This allows recipients of documents to review them without printing it. Even contracts can be signed electronically and be legally enforceable!

Why should I outsource my word processing? Isn’t it simply typing?

Are you a touch typist? Do you get frustrated using software such as Microsoft Word? If you don’t touch type and get frustrated with word processing, then you’re wasting time. Why? Because the time it takes you to prepare documents is time you could be spending on tasks you’re awesome at!
You can always have an administrative employee to complete your word processing needs. This takes time and money to recruit someone who’s qualified. Associated costs include office space, equipment, workers’ compensation insurance and so forth.
Outsourcing your word processing allows you to have professional looking documents created. And at a reasonable cost to you, as well! Virtual assistants have high touch-typing speeds and advanced knowledge of word processing software. This allows your word processing to be completed quicker than if you attempted to do it yourself.
Word processing is no longer typing. It’s also about ensuring that formatting is consistent throughout your document(s). Formatting involves a variety of tasks. Examples of formatting include:
  • removing unwanted spaces
  • having appropriate page margins
  • document styling
and much more. It’s important for businesses to ensure that all their documents are consistent. Consistency reflects on business branding. Accurate and consistent documents show a high attention of detail and care. This reflects positively on business branding.
Documents that contain inconsistencies and errors shows a lack of care. This will reflect badly on your business branding.


Do not forget the importance of having professional and consistent looking documents. Professional looking documents shows a high attention to detail and care about presentation. It shows that you care about your own business documents. Clients will then believe that you will take care of them.
Also, don’t forget that you can utilise your own time more effectively if you outsource your word processing to a virtual assistant (preferably me!). Please feel free to contact me for any of your word processing needs.

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